Hi, thanks for visiting.  This blog is a work in progress and develops or becomes stationary depending on the amount of time I spend on my other careers.  These  vary between a non-paid property manager, sometimes paid freelance journalist, happy budget (but not always) traveller, daily dog walker, Zimbabwe destination enthusiast and budding author.

Under the ‘articles’ heading there are a selection of published pieces both current and from many moons ago.  Sadly some of the publications that I used to write for are no longer on the shelves.   There are however new ones around that have filled a space in the market.  A busy life has meant that writing got put on hold for over a decade but now I’m happily scribing again.

Under ‘Road Trips’ you’ll find a selection of recent road trips.  More will be added in time.

I’m in the process of migrating information on Zimbabwe from my other blog.

Happy reading

And remember, if your past comes knocking, don’t answer, it has nothing new to say.

Live, love, laugh

Enjoy the blog

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