The Club Magazine

Th Club was a Zimbabwean based in-store magazine which is not longer in print.

IMG_1282 (1000 x 750) (750 x 562)HIFA, the came, they sang, they rocked us – 2001

The Harare international Festival of the Arts (HIFA) came and went in a flurry of song, dance and artistic verve. Helen Patchett was fortunate enough to experience the stunning spectacle and reports on why it was one of the best things ever to have ….

P12bOlive trees, nomads and deserts – 2001

Africa is the second largest continent and covers one fifth of the world’s landmass.   The vast Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Mozambique Channel, the Gulfs of Aden and Guinea, and the Red and Mediterranean …..

20120130_938_DLMR4_J_105 The Cool Crooners. half a century and … – 2001

When most people would be picking up their pensions and resigning themselves to a quiet life of retirement, the Cool Crooners are still cool and still crooning.  Over 50 years ago the world swayed to a different kind …..

IMG_1161 (600 x 450)The last Tango – 2001

A Jim Reeves melody floats out onto the lawn which is in itself an indication that the aerobics class is over.  Fanwell Sawana has finished strutting his stuff with the women from the local insurance company and is now alone in the gym.  His favourite tunes fill the…

IMG_0757 (600 x 450)Towering Inferno – 2002

When a devastating fire swept through one of the country’s foremost holiday resorts, the people of Victoria Falls learnt a valuable lesson in working together as a community.  Here a voluntary fireman gives an eyewitness account of the inferno.

private-tour-giza-pyramids-sphinx-egyptian-museum-khan-el-khalili-in-cairo-124898Where Pharaohs once ruled

At the northern-most tip of this great continent is a country so different from Zimbabwe it’s hard to believe that you’re still in Africa: Egypt, a land of stunning desert landscapes, ancient legends, fantastic beaches …




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