Travellers Times

Travellers Times was the only Zimbabwe published monthly travel magazine available in the late 90s.  It offered up to date information on the Zimbabwean travel and tourism industry and offered quirky informative articles on all things Zim.

imagesA feast of Bulawayo – 1999

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city isn’t just a stop over point for somewhere perceived as being slightly more interesting. It is a place full of interesting crafts, undiscovered places and fantastic …..

P1040920 (600 x 450)A View from an elephants back – 1998

Saturday morning has traditionally been the time when people stagger out of bed with sore heads and parrot-cage mouths to adorn bad, fitting track suits and throw themselves around various sporting type places in an attempt to get fit and to lose all …..

Vic-FallsA Visitors Concern 1999

The Makololo had been calling it ‘Musi au Tunya ’, the smoke that thunders, way before David _ Livingstone equitably romanticised that ‘Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight’.

Camp AmalindaCamp Amalinda, the place of granite – 1999

The Matopos is a place oi granite outcrops and stunning scenery. A place where the Black Eagle is more prolific than anywhere else in the world and where leopards share the rocks with inquisitive …..

 Fothergill IslandFothergill 1999

As the dust settled a three-week old lion cub appeared, looking bemused and obviously not quite sure hot to go about getting some dinner.  The opportunity soon arrived when one of his aunts came up for breath …..

southern_belle_houseboat_viewThe Southern Belle – 1998

Initially I thought the main problem was going to be with the pastry chef. The morning tea came with chocolate eclairs that boasted a disgustingly large amount of fresh cream and an artistic chocolate …..

P6-001This Giants playground of ours – Matopos – 1999

There is a part of Zimba bwe where the peace and tranquillity is punctuated by the cry of the Black Eagle that has made this awesome ‘Giant’s Playground’ its home. Here, leopards live amongst granite…..


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