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The Zambezi Traveller is a reliable source of information on destinations in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. If you are looking to travel to the Zambezi region explore our Tourism Directory – – an online directory of tourism operators. The Zambezi region is perfect for safaris and the adventure traveller. Plan your African holiday here. Click on any of our adverts to discover more about these products. in the wild RIFA – 2014

Students pile out of the back of the landcruiser clutching quadrants, clinometers, ranging poles and infiltration rings. Carmine bee-eaters look down inquisitively from their perches above the dried up Chipandaure River as the morning’s geography class starts. Interspersed between sedimentation… wildlife in Mana Pools National Park – 2014

The solitary painted dog chased the nyala antelope out of view towards Long Pool. We heard a splash rapidly followed by anxious canine yelps. The dog quickly returned to its pack and Long Pool became a frothy mass of angry hippos and prehistoric predators.

Harare IntIMG_1277 (1000 x 750) (500 x 375)international Festival of Arts – 2014

Acrobats, comedians, singers, actors, dancers, poets, guitarists, fashion shows and craft stalls, all together in Harare signals HIFA time again.  The Harare International Festival of Arts is a showcase of skills, creativity and entertainment expressed …..

Dy 3 - LLC to Gache Gache - HP - (49)Sampling Kariba by Sail – 2014

I wake to the sounds of grunting hippos’, singing birds and the intermittent smells of the African bush as well as coffee brewing and bacon frying.  My ceiling is a mosquito net and the wide open sky onto which, …..

Horserider & buffaloZimbabwe Voted Worlds best tourist destination – 2014

Zimbabwe has been voted ‘World’s Best Tourist Destination’ for 2014 by the European Council on Tourism and Trade. The ECTT is one of the largest institutes in the European Union that promotes tourism to international destinations and rates…..


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