Road Trips

Welcome to my Road Trip section.  I’m working at updating the pages here, adding other recent road trips, and putting together a selection of pictures from six years spent in the African Overland industry.



Norther Zambia and Malawi – 2013

Bats, big rivers, cesna planes, seed farms, secluded mansions, wildlife, friends, colourful fish, fantastic stories, stunning new places, refurbished old.  Watch this space for this adventure update…..

Day 30 - MG (26)Africa East to West on 18 degrees – 2013

Having locked in to a 5.30am start time we promptly left the Skinners residence after 6….. Loved ones were left waving at our diesel fumes while our collective breath was being held to see how the bikes would ride on their new perch atop the Mopane …

L, R & ZambeziZim, Moz, Tanz and Malawi road trip – 2012

Welcome to our road trip blog.   7 weeks, 9730km, 4 countries and a huge list of new places and experiences.  Thanks to Lizzie for organising all the great places to stay and being a fantastic travelling partner.  Rezi behaves like an experienced traveller …..


Day 20 -  Hassi Bel Guebbour star dune campTunis to Southern Algeria and back – 2001

In 2001 I traveled from Germany to Southern Algeria in an old Unimog and new Mercedes ML.  Sand, nomads, desert, rock paintings, forts, oasis’, massive graves, roman ruins, bush camps, water bottle showers and lots more.  Did I mention the sand?


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