Baobabwe was an A5 travel magazine published in Zimbabwe.  Sadly the owners moved onto pastures new and closed the publication down.  But there’s a new travel magazine coming to Zimbabwe.  Watch this space.

 P2Bumi Hills Haven of Luxury – 2010

Being in control of the tiller bar of our thirty foot, 6 berth Tiki 30 catamaran was a great feeling and I’d found, through experience and instruction the right position to keep our sails full so that we …….

P4Dust heat and Camaderie -Mana game count – 2010

There’s a tradition, amongst some of my friends and I, that when it’s full moon in September we all head off to the Zambezi valley.  This year was no exception, our group of seven nationalities, joined 290 …….

P2-001This giants playground – Matobo Hills – 2010

There is a part of Zimbabwe where the peace and tranquillity is punctuated by the cry of the Black Eagle that has made this awesome ‘Giants playground’ it’s home.   Here, leopards live amongst granite…….


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