Homes Magazine

Homes magazine is a a popular upmarket A5 publication printed in full color on quality gloss paper.

Currently 5000 copies of the magazine are distributed free of charge on a monthly basis in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Victoria Falls to select supermarkets, upmarket coffee shops, embassies, private school offices, selected sports clubs, selected Doctors surgeries and registered estate agents.  Homes has an estimated 18,000 plus readers.

 Jacana Boat FestivalIMG_4667

I recently had a fantastic time flying along in an Enterprise (not the one from Star Trek fame) and a Jaguar without wheels.  I was number two in a quad sculling boat and was keen to take advantage of the free rowing, kayaking, windsurfing, motor …

The Gairezi River, Nyanga Gairezi recce, 4.9.10, HP, (72)

Tubing, white water inflatable kayaking and watercourse trout fishing are all life-time firsts thanks to the Gairezi River. It’s also responsible for introducing me to some amazing new people, cementing fantastic friendships, showing me awe inspiring Zimbabwe scenery, stunning …..

IMAG0665Basic Nutrition – 2014

Should you be on a full fat, fat free, low sugar, no sugar, Aitkin’s, cabbage, low GL or GI diet? There is so much information out there regarding the perfect, ultimate, or ‘the right’ diet that it’s …..

IMG_4188Counting Game in Hwange – 2014

The 2am temperature reading tells us it’s just 10 degrees, down from 32 degrees earlier in the day.  The full moon lights up the landscape just enough for us to count our waterholes visitors, although it takes patience and a good pair of binoculars …..

IMG_3170 (600 x 450)Fun and Fast 5-a-side Footie – 2014

It’s dark and I’m sitting in the stands with a friend revelling in the cool evening air. I’m eating excellent pizza and bizarrely, I’m absorbed in watching a fast moving game of five-a-side football, which is very odd, because generally speaking I really…….

lake Chivero Rhino rideGet fit, ride your bike – 2014

Exercise and sport comes in many different formats. Some love it, even becoming addicted to it, whilst others despise it and will do absolutely anything not to get involved. Many tolerate and accept it as necessary to maintaining a healthy body whereas for others it becomes a major part of their social life, as …..

Blue Cross Nyangombe ClimbOn your feet, hiking and running – 2014

Whether your two footed passion is running ultra events like the ‘Comrades’ and ‘Two Oceans’, or more sedate sunrise walks around the Botanical Gardens, walking and running are the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways for you to get fit. To do it you …

IMG_2468Sail Kariba – 2014

As the sun rises and the breeze picks up, the soft jingle of rigging competes with the dawn  chorus of the birds along the Matusadona foreshore.  The sky turns pink, the smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking …..

IMG_0680 Swimming, a great way to exercise – 2014

A Canadian friend who spent most winters in sub zero temperatures once said to me, “Zimbabwean winters are so quaint, they’re really just a good excuse to wear a jumper ”.  Zimbabwe as usual is currently zooming from winter to summer and yet again I’ll be…..

Please contact;

Harare  – 00 263 4 332951

Vanessa – 00 263 772 396 633

47 Quorn Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe


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